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Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I make my wet stinky boat go again now that it is back up from the bottom of the lake?

My Boat Sank.

Now It Will Not Go.

I Am Sad...

Get it? It's a Haiku! But seriously, in the last snow storm the docks brought down my boat -a "partial submersion". It is a 1970 26' Chris Craft Cruiser, fiberglass with a single 327Q. It was under for at least 10 days as the docks gradually moved down and up. I know the engine is a loss, along with all the electronics. But what is there that is still good? and how much (ballpark) work, time and/or money will it cost to get just to get a new engine in it and operable again? I am somewhat mechanical and enjoy work and learning, but I don't want to get in over my head. What parts could I do to save money? Do they make a step-by-step guide or book to make my wet stinky boat go again?

Thanks! Any advice at all is help!


Best Answer...


CJ I'm sorry for you too Chris Craft make nice boats, hopefully the hull is still in good condition. Best way to tackle this is to remove the seats and motor cover clean and dry them out. The engine my not be a loss so get it checked out first thought drain and replace the oil and filter, pull the spark plugs and spray WD40 in the cylinders, put a socket on the harmonic balancer and turn it over by hand so that the internal part's get some lubrication on them. Been a G.M. 327 block a good mechanic might be able to get it fired-up again let's hope so. Take out the boats drain plug and raise the bow enough to let water drain, now get some soapy water a clean the best you can rinse with the garden hose do this well lot's of water, If the carpets to smelly change it or try using deodoriser. I almost forgot you'll have to remove the fuel tank and thoroughly clean it and all the fuel lines,filter, pump and drain the carburetor. The ignition system will need cleaning up too remove the distributor cap and rotor if it has one wipe and clean up the cap and internal components and spray with electrical contact cleaner. put in a fully charged battery and try to turn it over with the plugs out if the key switch doesn't work try to hot wire it at the starter just to get things moving again. Oh man Oh man there's lot to do here. If the gauges are mucked up try and dry them out if not chuck them sorry. the rest will be up to you just do the best you can. In failing all this take to the Marine shop as soon as you can.
Good luck Buddy I hope the best for you. Dam Weather Dam Dam Dam.