Nieuw Amsterdam

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Have you noticed New York was founded 400 yrs ago?

Did you know? Did you see any of the festivities around the foundation of Nieuw-Amsterdam, or did you see Princess Maxíma and Prince Willem-Alexander? What do you think of the history of New York? Do you think it is important, or do you not care?

Best Answer...


New York City has a very long history by American standards. But it doesn't seem to stress its history like other cities like Phila, Boston, Baltimore, etc. I don't know. Maybe its because NY is a modern world-class city and it stresses its modernity. It is definitely older than Philadelphia. Maybe it's because it doesn't have many famous 18th century buildings like Fraunces Tavern. Midtown skycrappers overlay the area where Revolutionary battles were fought. Maybe its because NY is famous for so many other things than history like its great sports teams, its great museums, its great restaurants, its great sights like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. The original New York that was founded by the Dutch and called Niew Amsterdam, was only a small settlement at the foot of Manhatten Island and was bounded by Wall Street. Maybe it's because nothing is left of the original settlement. I hope that this has been some help to you.