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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is the best sailboat for two people to live aboard?

We're looking for a quality sailboat and would like recommendations on a good manufacturer. It appears we need something in the 40' range. Is our budget of 80-90K reasonable? If anyone has a broker they recommend, we're interested in that too.

We plan to live aboard for a year and keep to the waters of the Washington coast. We admit we don't know much, but we're willing to learn. Yes, we've heard owning a boat is like throwing money overboard. We may be niave and too optimistic for some people, but we figure you only live once!
Almost forgot, we need at least 6'6" headroom!

Best Answer...


At this time, about all the 40 footers do have the headroom you request. At the price range you mention you are not looking at a new boat, but that is ok. We bought a '78 to live on and have had no problems. Do have a survey when you find the boat you want. Pacific Seacraft is a good brand made out there, but you wont get that for your price.(Crelock, goes fro at least 200,000 used) Look at Catalina, Juneau, Beneteau are the price range you are looking for, and used. Others include Saber, Hunter, C&C, Tartan, Pearson.