Sea Skiff

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1961 Chris Craft Sea Skiff Start up on Tobin Lake, Half Dime

Frequently Asked Questions...

How come you do not see many single own boats?

When I was growing up my Mom was a single mom. She alway owned a boat.

1973 Boston Whaler Sakonnet
1965 Chris Craft 22ft Sea Skiff Sportsman
1968 Bertram Moppie
1982 381 chris craft catalina
1986 ski nautique 2001

Also, my younger sister is single and bought a boat. Why don't you think more women own boats?

Best Answer...


My sister is 42 and single. She gave me this answer. Women are generally more concerned about fashion and looking good. Boats are a low priority on their list and are a non-essential, high expense luxury item.