Sterling Silver

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The Difference Between Sterling Silver and Silver Plating

Frequently Asked Questions...

Can I wear sterling silver nose rings after the piercing has healed in my nose?

Now I know they say that when you get your nose pierced only use titanium, gold or steel while it's healing and definitely don't wear sterling silver because it can cause a black stain on your skin. So does anyone know if I can where sterling silver after it has completely healed?

Best Answer...


i have 7 pierces which i got myself. I use medical grade stainless for 5 n 950 (95% silver) Silver for 2 ( 1 for nose).
not the sterling silver (925 silver=92.5% silver). both of dem healed completely n has no black stain but it healed slower than medical grade stainless.
some ppls has allergic for sterling silver so plz be care-full.