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Frequently Asked Questions...

What were the main fighter-bombers used in these wars?

Desert Storm

not just a fighter or just a bomber. A plane that did both.
second dude, you just gave me fighters.

Best Answer...


By "fighter" I'm assuming aircraft routinely designated for the Defensive Counter Air and Offensive Counter Air roles. "Bomber" I'm assuming to mean: interdiction, close air support missions. EDIT: i should have finished my thought. Based on these criteria you want aircraft that were routinely assigned to all these missions.
F80, F82, F84, Meteor, F51, Tempest
F4, F8, F100
Desert Storm
F16, Mirage2000, F18,F14 (yes they did air-mud)
Other aircraft like F111, F105, F117, F15E ,Tornado GR1, F4G are strictly strike aircraft and weren't used in the air/air role.
F86, F15C/D, Tornado F3 were air/air only, F104s and F106s were assigned DCA-only in Vietnam
Bro's: Fighter/BOMBER means aircraft that can perform both roles, not just air/air and not just air/mud.