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How to Create a Vintage Photo Look in Photoshop

Frequently Asked Questions...

How can I achieve vintage photo look without photoshop?

I have a nikon d40 and have been looking into manual focus lenses because i want a vintage look to my photos. I've seen photos from a Helios 58mm f2 on a canon that produces the type of look that i want, as if they were shot with film. I do not want to get a film camera though.

Since Nikon's have a different film plane than other cameras I dont want to sacrafice quality by buying an adapter with a corrective lens in it (unless this would add to the effect).

I have been looking at non ai lenses but i was wondering if they would achieve the look that i want. photos kind of like this

Thank you for your time.

Best Answer...


What you consider vintage is a mix of lack of sharpness and rather a lot of vignetting.

The D40 is one of the very few nikons that can actually mount a lot of pre-ai lenses. Only the ones that protrude into the camera (mostly the fisheyes) are unsafe to use. See for confirmation

Pre-ai lenses can be found quite cheaply on places like ebay. Try getting something like this: look for something quite used but still fungus free.

Even then, knowing nikon there's a good chance that you will have to do some editing to get your look.

Of course these old lenses mean you're on your own to figure out the correct settings for any scene. Trial and error or a hand-held lightmeter will help.