Port Hole

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Sub box Port hole placement?

I know how big my enclosure has to be, and I want to make it ported and i know (from factory recomendations) that it should have a diameter of 3" and be 7" deep.

I've heard random things to keep in mind while making a ported sub box such as:
-Make sure your port is at least a port diameter length away from any external or internal object (i.e. walls and subs)
-Make sure your port holes are flared out.

are there any other things I should keep in mind when placing my port holes? And are these things i've been hearing true?

Thanks in advance!

Best Answer...


Yes, generally you want enough room in front of the port to breath, you dont want it against the trunk wall or anything. Flaring the port helps, but if you have plenty of port area its not necessary. You can buy flared flanges for tube ports @ www.parts-express.com

As for where to put the port, some people put it on the front next to the sub, some on the side, some on the rear. In my experience, it doesnt make a WHOLE ton of difference in a car. If you can fit it on the front, go for it.

On home speakers, some speaker companies put the port on the front, or the back, or even downfiring.