Cruiser Model

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Frequently Asked Questions...

is there a gap in the market..if i have looked for a modern cabin cruiser model for weeks on ebay, but only...

found the odd american seller selling an antiquated 50's or 60's style cabin cruiser?

i want something around the 12 inch mark...the only models ive seen based in the uk are 3 foot long which is way too big for an ornament.

given the amount of people owning or interested in boats in the uk, surely there is a market for replica cabin cruisers of a size around 8 - 12 inches?

in these stressed out frenetic times, isnt a boat the ultimate symbol of freedom or carefree existence...and if so, wouldnt lots of people be interested in have a ornament that reminds them of that state of mind.

the funny thing is, on ebay i see lots of these

tug boats
cruise ships
sailing boats
speed boats
old style wooden ships with sails...

but next to nothing when it comes to cabin cruisers..!

Best Answer...


Hi!! You are right there is a niche in the market for these, but it is small. UK citizens like the older type yachts. Or the large clipper type sailing ships with all their rigging, and sails, there is something very romantic about them.
The naval vessels do well because of the history that they reflect.
But the small models you speak of only seems to reflect opulence, and are for the rich and ultra rich, and therefore cannot really create ant nostalgea in collectors. It is strange but very true, if there was a market for them they would be there in plenty. Manufacturers,and shopkeepers are there for making profits and if they cannot see the uptake they will not go for it.