Wood Boat

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Frequently Asked Questions...

How to make a styrofoam boat?

How would you make a functioning stryofoamwood boat that could hold 500 pounds??? There would also be a trolling motor mount on the back.any websites or details?

Best Answer...


Styrofoam wont work. You want wood. Make the shape of a boat out of 2x4s or so, and lay them vertical on the bottom. I'd go with a flat bottom, because they are easier. It might take a while to explain, so here it goes
Lay a sheet of plywood on the ground
Build a frame out of 2x6" wood (lay it vertically) that goes around the plywood, on the inside, so it lays ontop of the wood, not so the plywood fits inside it.
Lay 2x4" wood, vertically, down the length of the boat, to go inside the frame you make of the 2x6s. Put about 5 or 6 down the length of the boat.
Build another frame, the same as the one you made out of 2x6s, but this one can be 2x4s.
Cut wood to raise the top frame (made of 2x4s) about 2 feet. Cut 4 2x4s on a 45, at both ends, that are 4 feet long.
Attach the wood cut on a 45 to the bottom frame (made of 2x6s), so you have an angled front. and attach the tops of the wood on a 45 to each other, and and back to the top frame.
Put a few pieces of wood across the top frame, from side to side. These can be 2x6s, and serve as seats.
Attach plywood to the outside of the boat.
Seal it all with caulk.
Reenforce around where you mount the trolling motor.put plywood on the sides and floor on the inside, ontop of the 2x4s.
If you box in the front section, that is on a 45, you can put a door in the top to put life jackets, flares, and other stuff in.