Evinrude Outboard

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Evinrude outboard Motor overheats any suggestions?

I have a 185hp outboard that constantly overheats! I just had the waterpump, and thermostats replaced. I have even taken out the themostats, and loosened the covers to see if water was getting up the upper half. She is pumping water up to the thermostats, but after about 15 minutes at idle, no more water just steam! I'm on a bugdet, so I can't afford to take it to a shop, please help!

Best Answer...


ouch, that sounds odd
my first suggestion would have been the water pump, when it is running is a stream of water coming out the pee hole?
(there is another name but I forget it)
do you have compressed air available? I have sometimes found that backflushing the water system helps, blowing air throught the water system from the outlet hose so if there is anything blocking the system it might be forced back out.
If you dont have air available, you can do it with a hose and backflush with water, just bit messier is all.

that's all that comes to mind at the moment, good luck with it.