Glove Wetsuit

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Frequently Asked Questions...

What does a person need for Scuba diving ? Whats the list ?

I have the snorkel.I have the boots, gloves ,wetsuit. What else, and what are they exactly?

Best Answer...


Besides what you have listed, the basic equipment needed for scuba diving is as follows:

* Mask - to create an air space around your eyes so you can see clearly underwater.

* Fins - to propel you and your bulky scuba equipment more easily through water.

* Compressed air cylinder - to hold a sufficient air supply for the dive.

* Regulator - to reduce the high pressure air in the cylinder to the same pressure that surrounds you at whatever depth you are at (ambient pressure) so you can breathe.

* Instruments and Gauges - to provide valuable information such as the amount of air remaining in your cylinder (submersible pressure gauge), your depth (depth gauge), the amount of time you've been underwater (dive watch or other timing device), and your direction of travel (compass).

* Buoyancy Compensator - to adjust your buoyancy characteristics as your wetsuit compresses or expands when the pressure surrounding you changes. It also provides a mounting point for your tank and other pieces of equipment.

* Weights - to offset the tendency of your body and scuba equipment to float, especially your neoprene wetsuit.

* Planning tools (dive tables or dive computers) - to determine how much time you can safely remain underwater without significant risk of developing diving related illnesses such as decompression sickness or oxygen toxicity.

And the most important of all:
* TRAINING - the knowledge and skills needed to use all of this equipment properly. Your proof of this minimum amount of training to dive safely is called a certification card or C-card.