Motion Blue

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Photography Class Help!!?

Hi.. I'm taking a photography class this simester in college, we're using a Nikon F10 35-70mm camera.

My first question is: How do you get a very clear picture?

& I need some unique ideas about the following:

1-Movement/Motion Blue

2-Panning in opposite direction

3-Lines ( Any type of line )

4-Depth of field

5-Cicles, squares, triangles

6-Reflections on (metal, glass & water)

7-My own shaddow

I need really unique ideas pls

thanks :)

Best Answer...


What is up with your instructor?

ALL these things are part of your course and should be addressed in your lectures.

By clear I have to guess you mean in focus and showing no camera movement.

Your list really needs no clarification

Movement or motion blur is what it is.

Are you sure you didn't get all of this in the lecture and during the time your instructor gave you the assignment?