Sun Protection

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How To Protect Gingers from The Sun (with UV Skinz)

Frequently Asked Questions...

How long does a bottle of sun protection last before it becomes 'unprotective'?

I want to purchase some sun protection creams as they are on off but I am not going on holiday until January - will they still protect from the sun to the SPV shown on the bottle, or will they have gone 'out of date'? or will they just be less protective? or will they be fine?

Best Answer...


It really depend on how active you get with it on. they say that after 80 min. or and hour that you should reapply especially if you are sweating very bad and or swimming. So I am not really sure how long a whole bottle would last you but, this is the only answer I can give you. The whole bottle may last you longer if you store it out of the heat and in not to cool of an area.